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March 01, 2005



Hisham Milhem is the bomb. Didn't know he had a talk show on Al Arabiya.


Also didn't know that Asa'ad had a Jewish wife before. He's a cosmopolitan wunderkind!


When you couple a pan-arab media with the internet it's incindiary. I'm fascinated by the commentary thread at Syria Comment. I'm equally fascinated when Iraq the Model translates comments from the BBC Arab forums. Has there ever been a war where the respective citizens of the two countries at war fed one another a stream information and ideas?

In a parallel world, China today was complaining about the US dominance of the internet. China anticipates 120 million internet users by 2005. Yesterday, the NY Times had an article on China's war with Vietnam in 1979, "Was the War Pointless? China Shows How to Bury It." China is discovering they can't bury this war, "Today, veterans often cling to these explanations but also fume about being used as cannon fodder in a cynical political game. "We were sacrificed for politics, and it's not just me who feels this way - lots of comrades do, and we communicate our thoughts via the Internet,"


Kishore Mahbubani, Singapore’s former Ambassador to the United Nations,
"The Al-Jazeera effect may well turn out to be one of the most important forces in creating a real sense of solidarity among the 1.2 billion Muslims who once lived in relatively distinct and separate communities. Al-Jazeera is now broadcast in Malaysia and Indonesia, with Malay voiceover."


Another unlikely source.

Nicholas Weininger

Since 1989 analogies seem to be in fashion right now, I'll wonder out loud if anyone has done/is doing a comparative study of the al-Jazeera effect vs. the effect of broader availability of information from the West (via RFE/RL, samizdat, etc) on the collapse of the Soviet bloc.


that has PhD thesis written all over it!!!

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