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March 13, 2005


monkey knife fight

One day, the truth in advertising laws will bite Dook in the butt and they will have to change their name to the University of New Jersey at Durham. HA!
Ugh...go Pack.


Forget March Madness. What are you doing for Hanan Turk's birthday?


Desert Island Boy


As a Maryland Alumnus whose team has flushed itself down the toilet, I will spend the rest of March rooting for everyone playing against them.

Let's just say that the hotbed of Anti-Dukism is in Maryland, with College Park as it's Mecca. Everyone else may feel it, but with a squad that denied Duke title no. 6, beat them 3 out of the last 6 and twice this season, Maryland has come close to accomplishing what everyone else wants to see. Slaying the monster would have felt a lot better had our team bothered to eke out a few more wins.

Abu, I've always appreciated your body of work, but now (that I know of Anti-Dukism) you've hit my A-List! Nothing like tackling injustice and oppression in the Middle East and in College Basketball! Vive La Resistance!

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