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March 23, 2005



So, I was sitting in the hair salon yesterday (great to be back in Cairo!) and I was the only customer and the only woman, sitting with about 10 male staff. We were watching the coverage of the Arab Summit on al-Jazeera and chit-chatting about the politics, especially Zapatero's bit. I got really irritated when two more women came in and they promptly shut off the volume and switched to the theme song from the Karate Kid in deafening surround sound (you know you know the song and I don't have to spell that one out...don't pretend)

At first, I grumbled internally about reinscribing gender roles, but after reading your post, I guess I should at least consider that they just found the summit boring. :)


Like a knight in shining armor ... from a long time ago ... that song?

Nur al-Cubicle

Stupid Arab Summit? Isn't that what Ghedaffi always says?

Here's the souvenir photo

I also read that the summit gave "tepid" support to the Iraqi delegation's request for backing. I understand that al-Assad was looking for support for the current Damascus and pro-Syrian Beirut governments. The Summit came up with a resolution asking for the return of the Shabaa farms.

Meanwhile, is Israel doing some kind of victory dance? 3500 new settler housing units on the West Bank plus rejecting the Arab League's olive branch? Death of Arab nationalism, I guess. Doesn't seem conducive to any positive turn of events.


Aren't you getting your Abdullahs mixed up? I think it was Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah who proposed the Arab Initiative back in 2002, but King Abdullah of Jordan who had the ridiculous idea of not tying normalization to the return of the land taken in 1967.

the aardvark

issandr, I didn't get 'em mixed up, but I did write unclearly. Oh well, no point in going back to clarify now... but for the record, the Abdullah plan of course refers to Saudi CP Abdullah, not to the recent Jordanian idea...

Nur al-Cubicle

Wow, Jordan's King Abdullah went to Washington, instead!

Washington. King Abdallah II lashes out at Syria and Iran. Abdallah was in Washington to attend a meeting with leaders of the US Jewish community where he blamed Syria, Hezbollah and Iran for regional instability. The King also met with Condoleezza Rice for an hour and a half.

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