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February 10, 2005


Leila Abu-Saba

Ya Ustaz Abu-Aardvark, will that nice college of yours pay you to get down to New York for some panel or something? Take the wife, leave the cub with relatives, eat at a nice restaurant, get invited to a really cool dinner party, check out the latest gallery shows etc.? You need to get out of paradise and rub elbows with the greats and the ruffians of the big city.

Boston would do. Or San Francisco but our most interesting greats are all in Berkeley, which is okay to visit but it ain't New York. Just saying. You probably just need a little trip or something, and I mean by plane, not by chemicals.

the aardvark

But what if Chris Hitchens were there? That doesn't seem like a risk worth taking...

Leila Abu-Saba

Oh pooh. Eric Alterman would put Hitch in his place. Don't tell me some drunken Englishman would put you off travel for good, would he? Is it Berkeley you're objecting to, because Hitchens was rumored to be in residence here at one point? I really don't think he's around these days. Nobody at Cal can keep up with his drinking, and the place is crawling with Alcoholics Anonymous types. Like garlic to a vampire. And NYC - well that town is big enough for you, Hitch, Condi Rice, Jeff Gannon and Jonah Goldberg and you'd never run into each other. But you would run into your best friend from summer camp, it's the law in NY, when you visit, you meet up with the most improbable people from your past.

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