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February 28, 2005



I speak for the Arab street when I declare, "LEBANESE WOMEN R TEH R0X0RZ!!!11...SYRIA GOT PWN3D!!!!11onez"

Scott Martens

I've been trying to find a way to work the word "0wnz0red" into a post on Lebanon. No luck so far. I see that others have been thinking along the same lines.

Anna in Cairo

Thanks for the lighthearted cultural news. Not that anyone from outside the ARab world will understand a word of the Raya wa Sikina article as no one outside the Arab world would know who Raya and Sikina were. (They were a sister duo who lived in Alexandria and murdered people for their gold and jewelry in the 1920s and cut them up and buried them in the basement.) It is very sad that they have also never been featured in serial murderer websites. Another example of anti-Arab Western bias.

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