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February 26, 2005



"Many Arabs ... want Arab reform and democracy for their own reasons which have nothing to do with American foreign policy objectives, and their hopes for Arab democracy don't mean support for American policy on, say, Iraq or Palestine."

Great. Fine. I'd take an Arab democracy that doesn't support American policy on Palestine over a dictatorship any day. The point is a democracy is a democracy and whatever disagreements we might have with it it's still a damn sight better than a dictatorship for all concerned. What is so hard to understand about that?

We have plenty of disagreements with other democracies but we know we can discuss those disagreements, we know they are very unlikely to lead to war, and we know that policies can and will be modified over the course of time to reflect the changing will of the people. Again I'd take that over a dictator who might be in place for 30 more years and pursuing the same disastrous policies regardless of the will of his people. The outcome of that system we've seen all too often over the years. If North Korea had a democracy, any kind of democracy, you can bet their country wouldn't be starving its people to build nuclear weapons.

the aardvark

Right, then, we agree. I want the US to do what it can to promote democratic reform in Egypt, and it sounds like that's what you want too.

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