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February 25, 2005



Thanks for the picture Aardvark. Mrs Aardvark should start to get worried :)

Tony, I thought people loved everything Lebanese! Really, Lebanese do everything so well --near perfect. Beauty, hosting tourists, food, armed resistance, civil war. Anything the Lebanese do, they do very well.

the aardvark

Ah, but you've never seen Mrs Aardvark. Jumana, Shmumana!


Other things Lebanese do well - advertising and internet stuff. No, really. Lebanese ads win awards internationally all the time.

Mohamed, were you snarking? Naughty!

I think Tony is worried that people don't pay enough attention to him. But then when some of us do, it's not the *right* kind of attention. Or something. He's my neighbor in California, I'm thinking of inviting him for home cooked Lebanese food and see if that will sweeten him up.

lamont cranston

Jumana, Shmumana!

a Yiddish-inflected aardvark? wow, do they allow that in MESA?


wait a minute ... there are no comments suggesting any such thing. Unless you got emails, I will be forced to suspect that you just wanted an excuse ...

the aardvark

We get letters, my friend, we gets letters. But in another way I suppose you're right regardless - who really needs an excuse? It was a Friday after all, and it beats cat blogging.


Once heard Jumanah say she originated from Jenin, so though born in Lebanon, her family originates from Jenin in what used to be Palestine...

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