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February 17, 2005



You have nothing to apologize for. This was sheer brilliance.


And they are much more attractive than that new habit of Friday cat pictures in certain blogs. Besides where else can US Americans learn of Arab culture?


bigd504 - I think this is American culture, even if indulged in by Arabs. Far be it from me to stop them though, in these instances.


What's really interesting to me about sultry Lebanese music videos is how they're strongly influenced by American rap videos. Bling and booty everywhere!

nur al-cubicle

Of course you did see the photos from Lebanese Fashion Week:



There was a pretty funny story in the Daily Star last year that basically said a lot of the Arab designers refuse to use Lebanese models because they couldn't behave. So they use Russians and Eastern Europeans.

Ever since Nancy Ajram started getting really famous (was it fall 2003?), she's tried a little hard to be sultry. Should've stuck with cute.

Haifa Wehbe went out with Cuba Gooding Jr. when he visited Beirut. Apparently he drank too much and took his shirt off at a nightclub.

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