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January 29, 2005


William Burns

Get back to work!

administration official

Whoops, looks like the aardvark is out of the bag.

the aardvark

well, it's been a good run. guess you can't blog from an undisclosed location forever...

Leila Abu-Saba

Ok, you're supposed to be working. Somebody else in the know please fill me in. Is the Aardvark saying they interviewed him and then falsely identified him as an administration official? Or is he saying that the reporter didn't interview any such official at all, just combed the Aardvark's blog?

Both are bad but the second is worse than the first. Implies the journalist is making up quotes by surfing the internet. I don't doubt the NYT would do this, but I just want to be clear about the Aardvark's insinuation...

the aardvark

No, no, Leila - no insinuations of that kind, though I could certainly see how it could be read that way. My point was that I'm a bit shocked that after I've been making certain points about the administration's approach to the Arab media for several years (not just on the blog...), and receiving a certain amount of flack for it at times, a bunch of administration officials are suddenly (post-election) saying on the record exactly the things which I said all along. That potentially augurs good things for policy, and suggests that perhaps I've underestimated Condi - depending on which officials we're talking about here - but it's still more than a little disorienting. Sorry for the confusion... I was *not* a source for this particular NYT story, I didn't mean to imply that, nor any malfeasance on the NYT's part.


'twas the aardvarkian humor.






Leila Abu-Saba

Whew. I am glad you clarified. Thanks.

Now get back to work!

(that goes for me too - I'm applying to grad school)

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