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January 27, 2005


Sean Hurley

I agree whole-heartedly with your sentiment, but unfortunately Abu Ghraib is not an isolated incident and the stain (or damage to America's soul) is too deep to be removed by just blocking one appointment.

The whole place needs to be fumigated, with war crimes trials for everyone involved.

There are important object lessons to be learned from the "Bush Era". The most important is this: it is important to have a President with a basic sense of decency, a respect for human dignity even in the most impossible of circumstances.


Ben Cronin

I agree whole-heartedly; what I found very troubling was President Bush's response that "Americans don't do this" -- as I think Peter Beinart pointed out, Americans DID do this, and are continuing to do so. I think it betrays a weirdly Trotskyist manipulation of reality into ideological channels that you see more and more on the right nowadays (just check out the Corner, or even Glenn Reynolds); for this set, if bad news comes in from Iraq, then it's the fault of the messenger (the "liberal" media for not reporting the fact that, alongside the eight carbombings, the power-supply in Basra increased 12%, etc. etc.); sometimes you even see a bizarre recycling of the "stab in the back" lie from Weimar Germany, that domestic squeamishness/antiwar sentiment undid the effort at the front, which was fully winnable. It makes you tremble to think these people are in charge in this country.
Gonzales, Rumsfeld, and, yes, Bush should go, since the authorization of torture certainly strikes me as a high crime. I realize this might edge us towards a parliamentary system, but I'm not at all opposed to that.

I realize also realize that this was something of a rant, but isn't that what "Comments" sections are for?

Nell Lancaster

Gonzales. But who's counting...?

I agree with Sean that even if we succeed in blocking Gonzales, we've only begun to stop the damage, much less remove the stain. But it is something within our power to do, or at least attempt. Faxed letters are best; look up your Senators' #s at congress.org.

nur al-cubicle

Sean has expressed what most of us may feel. The stain goes deep into the heart of the USA. There are probably hundreds of American psychologists who've been writing up (and seeing implemented) Abu Ghraib-style scenarios from the Korean War, to the Vietnam war, to the Dirty War, etc. We'd need truth trials and a frank national dialog, but our bent notions of national unity and security prevent this from taking place, at least in our lifetimes.

There are no American ideals in the War on Terror; just another cruel imperialism.


Well no in the great scheme of things, Abu Gharib
2003-2004; doesn't matter. Now Abu Gharib from 1968-2003; that does matter, yet it doesn't. As
one Atlantic correspondent put it, Abu Quarib;
the proximate nature of Arab law enforcement from
Algiers to Karachi; does matter, yet you will never hear a guard or interrrogation specialist
from any of those places, that matters.

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