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January 31, 2005



When you take a break from working, you may want to check out this interesting case from Morocco:


"Thousands of people have demonstrated in support of a Moroccan newspaper which claimed that the tsunami was an act of divine retribution.

The newspaper of Morocco's Islamic party, PJD, said the disaster showed God's displeasure with South-East Asia's sex tourism industry.

The comments have provoked outrage among human rights groups and rival political parties.

But the protesters defended the newspaper's right to express its views.

The Attajdid newspaper said that Morocco could face a similar disaster to the devastating tidal wave if it did not stamp out immorality.

The articles have been condemned on Moroccan television and have prompted calls for censorship of the press.

The PJD said that 5,000 people took to the streets of the capital, Rabat, in support of the party.

Several demonstrations against the newspaper article have been held.

The Indian Ocean earthquake on 26 December which sparked a massive tidal wave has left at least 280,000 people dead or missing across 13 countries from Malaysia to Tanzania.

The United Nations says $5.3bn has been pledged by foreign governments in aid to deal with the devastation."

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