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January 07, 2005



If this Egyptian tabloid and "obscure" Saudi program were to argue that You are to blame for the Tsunami. Would u think it's not worth mentioning, no big deal?:)

MEMRI did not argue that most of the Arab media claimed America set off the Tsunami. It's also not a matter of "seek and u shall find" since if you were to look at the myriad magazines and tabloids in, for example, Britain, Italy, Norway then you will not find such views expressed.

Cukoo views like this, however, are sadly ever present in the Arab media. Countless examples are given. Sad but true. For that matter, MEMRI often translates articles by progressive writers who scorn such thinking.

the aardvark

MEMRI found cuckoo views and only translated those. If it had said that there was a range of responses to the tsunami, translated a reasonable cross-section, and also included the ones that it did, then I would have no objection at all. But it didn't. It *only* translated the nuts. If this were your window into the Arab media, then you would be profoundly misinformed about the real range of interpretation of the tsunami.

To say that such views are "ever-present in the Arab media" or that there are "countless examples" is meaningless: what counts is the prevalence and context. Is this 1% of Arab media content or 50% or 100%? Is it on the most read and most watched sources? How did other Arabs respond to it? If you don't know the answers to those questions, then you just can not do anything serious with a cherry-picked outrageous quote.

If Arabs looked at FrontPage.com and World Net Daily and called it the "American media", or quoted Michael Savage and Ann Coulter as "American public opinion", you'd find it pretty outrageous (I think). That's basically what MEMRI's doing.

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