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January 26, 2005


nur al-cubicle

It is me, or is it signficant that the Lolita chanteuses in question have Christian/Western names?--Oh, it's those wilding Christian girls again?--I mean, it isn't Fatima or Nur who's shakin' the bootie. Is there crass sterotyping with racist overtones in these videos which is socially divisive or is it just sensational titty peek-a-boo a la Paris fashion runways in Springtime, carefully sidestepping showing nice Muslim girls?


You gotta read this one, too, on an Egyptian out-of-wedlock baby scandal:


nur al-cubicle

Thanks, praktike! Ms. Hinnawy's real-life story is great and her parents are wonderful and supportive!

Her mom: "These values from Wahhabi Islam are completely different from our Islamic values," This is petrodollar Islam. Women are considered objects for sex, for family, for marriage. But we need to let women be citizens, to have the same rights as all citizens."


And her dad: "I don't make the link between honor and sex. Honor is one thing and sex another. Any guy or girl can have sex without sacrificing their honor. Of course there are certain conditions - that there be love, for example."

Double wow! Now we're taling about real freedom!


q: is that neighborhood the one on the hills above the cemetaries?

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