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January 03, 2005



Funny. I'll be checking the lively Kuwaiti blogosphere to see what people think.



Here goes:


Lots of squiggly lines that I can't read yet.


I don't understand : Abu al Hassan is praised of being "one of the most conservative Kuwaiti ministers of Information" and he is forced to resign by sunni conservative membres of the Parliament ? I gave a feedback in French on my blog by making a link to our "Buttiglione"-case at the European Parliament (and Commission). He was forced to give up his new job as EU Commissionner for being too conservative (comments on homosexual and women) during the hearing procedures.

Do you have a link for Kuwaiti political parties ?

Nur al-Cubicle

Tuesday 4 January:

Kuwait City. Anti-Islamists strike back. Kuwaiti Member of Parliament Jamal al-Omar demands the investigation of Justice Minister Ahmed Yacoub Baqer for constitutional violations and financial irregularities. Al-Omar accuses Baqer, a member of the Islamic Salafist Alliance, of permitting government investment in a pork processing plant and of accepting interest payments, both forbidden by Sharia Law. The investigation could lead to a vote of no-confidence in the Justice Minister and his resignation.

The accusation is thought to have been made in retaliation for the resignation of Kuwaiti Information Minister Mohammed Abu al Hassan under pressure from Islamists who disagreed with his authorization of pop concerts.

L'Orient le Jour.

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