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December 20, 2004



Does this count?



Hey, did he steal this from you?


the aardvark

Dang, that was fast. I was actually looking for something published *after* Khan's announcement of the new organization, as a response to his self-nomination as a "moderate Islamist". And anyway this is actually a fairly civil dialogue with Pipes, not a hatchet job. So I'm going to leave the contest open!

PS - I doubt Khan stole the "political christianity" thing from me... it wasn't *that* original of an insight!


Does this qualify?


a snippet:"In our opinion the US Army must exercise some form of damage control immediately. In a post 9/11 world, one can only blink in disbelief, when Islamist professors like Muqtedar Khan - who openly express their disdain for the United States and its institutions - are being presented as moderates and invited by people like Brigadier General Jerome Johnson, to lecture to top military officials."

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