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December 09, 2004



Interesting. Juan Cole says that Abdullah is worried about anti-monarchist sentiments in Shi'ism.


Abdullah should be worried about anti-monarchist sentiments in Jordan.

Maybe it's all been good for the regime, but regular people like us are finding it hard to buy or lease, because educated Iraqi exiles have driven housing costs through the roof. Which is also probably good for their regime.

the aardvark

Joseph Samaha, editor of Beirut's Al Safir, goes even farther than me in today's column in an exceptionally bitter response to Abdullah's anti-Shia statements: he suggests that Abdullah and Zarqawi are fighting the same battle for the same ends! Samaha accuses Abdullah of being the first Arab official to openly adopt Zarqawi's warning against a Shia axis, to prioritize Shia religious identity over national belonging. Strong stuff, which I think goes a bit over the top, but which certainly caught my eye this morning...

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