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December 20, 2004



Shades of last year's controversy over Elissa at AUC. The parliament may be objectively more important, but when your most openly American cultural institution jumps on the bandwagon...Elissa (another of the Nancy Agram/Ruby ilk) was lined up for Spring Fling, but at the last minute the concert was cancelled by the student union. I don't know the truth of the matter - the SU claimed that she made last minute, unreasonable demands. But the student newspaper had been running literally weeks of articles calling for such an immoral (and popular) figure to be removed from the line-up...Given that this occured alongside an ongoing row over increasing the size of the prayer space on campus, everyone just rang this up as an Islamist victory.


Brace yourself for a sudden increase in traffic Abu Aardvark. I get a ridiculous amount of hits on my blog from people searching for "nancy ajram sex video", or "nude nancy ajram pic",... you get the picture. And these hits come from as close as Bahrain, to as far away as Fiji or Madagascar. Quite the phenomenon she is.


Hmm. Seems like Janet's outfit conceals more than it reveals. I mean, she is covered fro toes to neck for the most part - just a small area is exposed.

the aardvark

Chan'ad, now I'm curious! Did you blog about Nancy Ajram (too lazy/busy to look for myself)? Presumably not with a nude picture, right? Was this related to the little frenzy that Mahmood wrote about? Is there any Arab country which hasn't had a Nancy Ajram national security crisis?


Aardvark, I didn't write a full post about Nancy Ajram. I just mentioned her name in a post about the Star Academy concert being cancelled, and then my hit counter went crazy.

But it is astounding that Arab regimes are angered more by popstars than they are by terrorists. If only Bin Laden would realize this.


Should Osama start his own band (The AK-47s) or what? Come to think of it, I'm sure somebody somewhere in the Internet has set his tirades to disco music. But his recruiting dept needs to work on the imago thing. Hire more nubile young dancers and less dour hairy guys.

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