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December 05, 2004



There was a very interesting and somewhat heated debate between the Washington Bureau chief of Al Hayat, Salameh Nematt (who appears to be represented by the infamous Benador Associates) and Yusri Fouda of Al Jazeera at the New America Foundation's "Al Qaeda 2.0" Conference.

Nematt accused Al Jazeera of legitimizing terrorism and stressed that it was a tool of the Qatari monarchy and Osama Bin Laden; Fouda attacked Nematt as a tool of the Saudis, and the whole exchange had to be broked up by Peter Bergen ...

the aardvark

Doesn't surprise me - Nemaat is a frequent guest on al Hurra, and is one of the most bitter Arab critics of al Jazeera on the Fox News circuit (Mamoun Fandy is probably the other best known example of this profile).

Fouda might be wrong about Nimaat being a tool of the Saudis, though; I remember him as a tool of the Kuwaitis!


Ah, what a wonderful world.

Have you ever heard of this?


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