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November 21, 2004



AA, we have one rightwing idiot on the case of the two Hadids so far:


the aardvark

Only one? Don't they usually travel in packs, like scary scary wolves?

By the way, above I added the English link to the latest al Jazeera story, if you know anyone who might helpfully be pointed to such a link:



I haven't been watching Jazeera enough lately to see the commercials for the Qardawi-Emerson debate, do you know when it will be on? FYI, if you don't ever watch it, another great source for these types of "extreme debates" is LBC's show al-Hadath. I believe it airs on Sundays here in the US, at least that's when I've always seen it.

the aardvark

Jamal - the al Safir story said it was airing "tonight" (i.e. yesterday), but I haven't seen any commercials for it and it isn't (as of yesterday) blurbed on the website. Thanks for the tip on LBC - I never watch that, maybe I should. Who's the host of al Hadath?


The host is a lady by the name of Shada Omar. A little blurb about the show can be found here:


It is amazing how many of these types of shows have cropped up, just about every serious satellite channel has one now even if the quality varies a lot.

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