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November 10, 2004



We really are a screwed up nation.

Donald Johnson

Leahy is praising Gonzalez as a non-controversial choice.

It's great having an opposition party in this country.

Norm in S. F.

Be glad the Gonzales is going to A.G. rather than S.C.

He needs to be made to dance around on the got griddle for a while and then be confirmed by the narrowest margin possible.

The Democrats need to pick their battles carefully. The court nominations are far more crucial than are the executive ones.


Isn't Norm's comment the horrible truth? The reason we don't care about what the Bush admin does to Iraquis is because we're so scared about what they're going to do to us.

How pathetic can America get.


Of course this nomination does not prove that this was an accurate assessment of the elections AS VIEWED BY THE VOTERS:
"Americans had the choice to either endorse or reject an administration which had brought us Abu Ghraib and then held no-one accountable."


No offense intended, but Norm's comment misses the point-- if Gonzalez can get confirmed as AG, it is highly unlikely that Dems could stop his confirmation as SC justice.

A Tiny


I don't think you want to ask, "How pathetic can America get?" As bad as it may be now, we have not yet reached our full potential. So to speak.

Jonathan Dresner

I just want to say, by the way, that gin-soaked raisins are a very popular folk medicine in this country (something about Paul Harvey, I think?). I'm more of a rum-raisin guy myself (In Japan we used to buy a rum-raisin chocolate bar called a "Rummy"), but tastes vary.

Democrats couldn't attack the Administration on Abu Grhaib without seeming "anti-military" and raising the stronger association with Kerry's anti-war career. They should have anyway, I agree, but that's why the didn't.

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