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November 23, 2004



There seems to be some confusion even in the text of the interview. My understanding is the Al-Jazeera Hadid is Hamid Hadid and the Zarqawi deputy Hadid is Omar Hadid. Sha'alan seems to be calling for the arrest of Omar not Hamid, despite his depiction of Al-Jazeera as a "terrorist network."


Hamid Hadid does have a brother named Umar, but he's supposedly a different guy. I guess we'll find out soon.

the aardvark

Praktike - that's how I look at it. This just doesn't seem like it would be that hard to find out the truth about - whether or not this guy's brother is the Fallujah insurgent leader should be relatively easy to ascertain. Like I said above, the Omar Hadid on al Jazeera didn't look like a hardened terrorist who spent a decade in Afghanistan after leaving Saddam's personal guard (which is the Fallujah guy's alleged bio) - I'm not sure how many of Saddam's guard were 14 years old, but I'm guessing not too many. I'll reserve judgement, but I'm skeptical.

the aardvark

FWIW, the most comprehensive story on Omar Hadid that I can find is Hannah Alam's:

She describes Hadid as "a tall, stocky man whose smile reveals chipped teeth," and as in his mid-30s.

The guy on al Jazeera was in his mid-20s and didn't look especially stocky, nor did he appear to have chipped teeth.

Just for what it's worth.

Also for what it's worth, the guy on al Jazeera identified himself as "Umar Ahmad Muhammad Hadid al-Jumaili." The Omar Hadid in Fallujah has been identified by the full name "Omar Hussein Hadid." Again, for what it's worth.

Nell Lancaster

Abu Aardvark isn't MEMRI.

And that's a good thing, since then AA would be threatening Juan Cole with a libel/defamation suit. Check out Informed Comment.

Nell L.

Yeesh, I can never remember these comments don't even allow italic tags...


Great; now the slander first epidemic is truly worldwide for broadcast journalism.

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