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November 22, 2004



that's why i read your site--you're always on the cutting edge


right on. i've been a barghouti fan for a while now, too, and am glad to see him getting some good pub!

Nur al-Cubicle

I've read several accounts in the foreign press that the Palestinians will slate Barghouti. Unka George and Ant Condi ain't going to like that.

Jonathan Edelstein

I suspect that Abu Mazen may have more electoral support than the polls reflect. He may not be the voters' first choice among Fatah candidates, but now that Fatah has nominated him, supporters of the faction might vote for him in preference to a non-Fatah alternative. A Barghouti candidacy would be interesting, and it could be what breaks the logjam, but it isn't clear whether he'd run without a Fatah nomination. If he doesn't run, then he might be the kingmaker - Abu Mazen, for instance, would be much more legitimate if he had Barghouti's backing.

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