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November 28, 2004




Abdullah's mother, Princess Muna, is British.

Interesting development. Yes, please keep us posted.

the aardvark

Whoopsie, my mistake. Royals... so hard to keep track. I guess my weakness for democratic, public politics is showing.


One of my co-workers revealed last week that he attended Deerfield Academy with Abdullah. By his account, Abdullah was quite the party animal and had zero interest in politics (of course, I've yet to meet a 16-year-old who is).

Nur al-Cubicle

It's good to see pen and paper replace the helicopter ride to settle dynastic succession issues.


"I guess my weakness for democratic, public politics is showing."

Oh, not me. I'm 100% against democratic, public politics.


God that Rania is hot.

In other news, what to make of this:


Sure seems like Osama has a better delivery network, eh?


Democratic, public politics or not, just look at the entire Abbasid dynasty: almost every single caliph played this trick, or at least tried to play it. Some of the smarter younger brothers made sure that the caliph died of "indigestion" before he could change the succession.

And what is going to happen with the Saudis?

It's funny when people call you "Abu". Abu-What?
Thank you for the great commentary.

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