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November 19, 2004


nur al cubicle

Heh, that's 'cause it's independent Arab media. The French are next!

Speaking of media wars...TV France 2 broadcast the tragic images of little Mohamed Al Dura cringing behind his dad, Jamal, in Gaza Septembre 2000, and being shot to death by the IDF.

A tiny Israeli news agency, Metula News Agency (Mena), has been claiming at its website for the last two months that the images were staged. France 2 then put on a public showing of the images together with those taken by Reuters to show how far-fetched the claim is. France 2 even went to Gaza and had to get Jamal Al Dura to strip his torso before the cameras to show his the scars of his wounds.

France 2 has sued in court for public defamation.

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