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November 18, 2004


Andrew Reeves

There's also Andrew Rilstone's website that has a discussion and close reading of Cerebus #300.It's at http://www.aslan.demon.co.uk


Scholar Google, which I will now never know how I used to live without, allowed me in a click or two to discover that my undergraduate institution doesn't have a copy of my book.

What to do? (a) keep quiet about this and encourage you to delete this comment; (b) send them a "free" copy; or (c) ask a friend there to put in a library request.

What would an Aardvark do?

the aardvark

Rodger, I'd have to go with (c)... seems the most effective.

On another topic, there's a trackback to this post which reads the famous "Something Fell" line which runs through Cerebus with "fell" as an adjective (evil, ferocious) rather than a verb. Honestly, this had never occurred to me before - wow. How interesting.


Meowwcat is indeed a Cerebus Fangirl, as much as one girl can have alter-egos.

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