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November 29, 2004



Is every post going to get al Qala'a's take? I'm sort of being facetious ... but I do find it very interesting to see what these guys think.

the aardvark

Well, Praktike, it's part of my strategy of equivocating in order to avoid portraying the truth about the Arab media. It's well known that looking at jihadist message boards like al Qala'a is a way of avoiding, um, jihadist viewpoints, or, um, something.

Seriously, though, I find jihadist message boards like al Qala'a interesting as another data point, and I'm convinced of their growing importance as sites of online dialogue among a certain sub-group. At the same time, I think there's a certain value to demystifying them through regular references, since they are often given more weight than they can really carry. Looking at them tells you what this radical subset is talking about, if not necessarily more than that. It's all part of telling a complete story.

Nur al-Cubicle

But little 10 year-old Abdullah looks like Harry Potter! Surely that's why.

Seriously, the Lebanese paper l'Orient le Jour says Article 28 of the Jordanian Constitution stipulates that "the title of King shall be passed from the _reigning_ monarch to his eldest son." The Constitution (a very flexible instrument)was amended in 1965 to permit Hussein to name his brother Hasan crown prince. The story is that King Abdullah is "strictly constructing" :) the Constitution and has rolled back the 1965 provision. But that rings false somehow. Never was sure why Prince Ali isn't on the throne, really.

Nur al-Cubicle

Oops...It's little prince Hussein and I've gotten King Hussein's wives out of sequence. Prince Ali is son of wife no. 3 and not a contender for the throne.


It's all part of telling a complete story.

Gotcha, and like I said, I think it is really interesting. I just wondered to what extent you were playing a little running joke.

Jordanian in the Middle

Hey. Even Palestinians hate Rania. Don't lay it all on the natives. And who didn't expect this? It's not a surprise. Not at all.

Jane Gardiner

re. the age of Abdullah's son:

Abdullah is probably playing the same game Queen Zein, Hussein's mother played when Talal had to be removed from the throne. The young Hussein was only 16 and the constitution said a king had to be at least 18. So Zein smartly recalculated Hussein's age in Hejira years and that made him almost ready to assume the throne, thus limiting the time of the regency. I suspect Abdullah is just hedging his bets here.

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