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November 17, 2004


David F.

What's the Arabic for the Unwatched One? :)


as a matter of curiosity, what would the comparable number of hits be for Al Jazeera and Al Arabyiya? in the thousands?

the aardvark

A bit over 200 for al Jazeera (which actually seemed low to me, given the number of essays by al Jazeera-obsessed Elaph columnists I've collected over the last year); it was hard to get an exact number for al Arabiya without taking more time than I was willing to spend because the word "Arabiya" is used pretty frequently in other contexts ("the Arabic language" = "al Logha al Arabiya"; "the Arabian peninsula" = "al Jazeera al Arabiya"); but my rough eyeballing of it would put al Arabiya probably around 80-100 hits.

What's most interesting is the trend: al-Jazeera's hits are pretty constant, with peaks and troughs around a relatively constant rate of interest; Al Arabiya's tend to be clustered around newsworthy things that it does (such as when it's offices in Baghdad were bombed, or when it airs one of its frequent exclusive interviews with Iyad Allawi); and Al Hurra got a fair amount of press when it was launched and since then is hardly ever mentioned at all.

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