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October 24, 2004


No Preference

Abu A,

I appreciate your calm and fair framing of the debate on Abu Ghraib in the last two threads. It is very useful to have a dispassionate voice on anything touching the "war on terror" during this election campaign.

I wanted to post this column from UPI because it addresses an issue which to me seems very important, but which is not being discussed by the media, nor by most liberal blogs. That issue is the degree to which the "war on terror" is shading into a war against Muslims.

The administration makes a public show of respect for Islam, but "objectively" (as Lenin would have put it) its actions tend to target Muslims in general. That is true both of policies here at home and policies abroad. The implications of this, not to mention even the fact that this trend exists, is very troubling.

Outside View: Picking on U.S. Muslims

No Preference

For some reason the html in the above post did not register. Here is the link to the story:


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