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October 19, 2004



Read the book; loved it. It reads as smoothly as a novel. Only it's true. And I haven't seen anything to contradict his account; quite the contrary in fact.

the aardvark

Hey praktike, did you go to Egypt? How was the trip? I'd ask you about it privately, but somehow I suspect that no@spam.com isn't *really* the best way to contact you!


I did, in fact, go to Egypt. I had a good time, although at points I was somewhat overwhelmed by the whole thing. Cairo isn't exactly Paradise on Earth, although Zemalak has its charms. But I find Egypt fascinating and everywhere I went, I saw new things. That, of course, is why I went.

Most likely, I'm going back in January to study Arabic at AUC. That is, if my parents overcome their newfound alarm.

You can read my diary and look at my amateurish photos of the trip here:


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