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October 28, 2004



Do you think Kerry is willing to go to bat and derail 50 years of US policy of destabilization in the Middle East?

I'm going to vote for Kerry; by the same token, though, I can't see him doing that. Hell, Jimmy Carter gave everything away that wasn't nailed down (don't get me wrong - Mr. Carter is an awesome humanitarian and, I think, the only truly kind President we've had in 100 years, but kind != good) and he didn't manage to change our behavior in the Middle East.

Nur al-Cubicle

More sad news, AA.

09:23 Iraqi TV reporter killed. Armed men have slain a popular Iraqi journalist for Sharqiya TV in Baghdad. Ms. Liqaa Abdul Razzaq is well-known newsreader who once worked for Iraqi state TV. She leaves behind a 6 year old son and a month-old infant. Ms. Razzaq was killed two months after the assassintion of her husband.

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