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October 26, 2004



Ya Abu-Aardvark - I'll be happy to pray for the birth mom and her babies, but I would hope you refer to her as habibTI.

Of course your Arabic is by far much better than mine, but the little things count. Unless you were speaking to the dad?

Sorry for the Arabic grammar cop post, I really have no business correcting anybody's Arabic. But this sort of gaffe marks you as a khawagga. Ever heard any Armenian jokes? Not nice.

the aardvark

My friend is the kind of feminist woman who likes to subvert gender categories, so we always call each other habibi, not habibti. You're right, of course, in principle, but not in this personal case!

And Leila, thanks so much for the prayers for someone you don't even know - that kind of generosity should be everywhere!

Peter Hofmann

Congrulations to Abu Twins. (Is this correct for a feminstt woman?)


As an uncle, I have say that ALL babies are cute & adorable (especially since they are someone elses). May the twins grow up healthy & wise.


CONGRATULATIONS! i'm with daveb - although i can't say that i myself am an uncle, but i live with one and have found that the experience has certainly warmed me up to the little ones. and leila, be kind to us armenians, we've had a hard go of it, eh! :)


Children are such a blessing. And after seeing my wife go through labor and my daughter come out - wow! I just can't even contemplate the physical and emotional journey.

Many duas for the twins and the mom and their family.

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