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October 08, 2004



You missed the best part of the Libya story -- Richard Armitage is on the record essentially saying that the Cheney story is a big fat lie.

the aardvark

got a link on that, praktike? happy to throw it up to the main post!

Nur al-Cubicle

Now you don't think al Sha'alan is upset about this, do you?

23:17 Qadaffi, “Iraqi resistance legitimate”. Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi says resistance to the occupation is a legitimate right: “Resistance by the Iraqis to the occupation is a legal right, especially since the justification for the invasion has been shown to be false." [From Wednesday's edition of la "La Repubblica."]

If I recall correctly, Italy was quite heavily invested into Libya when Reagan insisted that Fiat and other Italian companies divest of their Libyan-owned shares. The Italians also had sold millions of dollars worth of earth-moving equipment (Allis Chalmers) to Libya for the Saharan underground water project and a pipeline supplying Italy when Washington forced Italy to abandon the projects in 1981.

Qadaffi just announced that Italian "pieds noirs" may return to Libya. A most suprising development. Looks like Berlusconi is crafting a very close and special relationship with Libya. Very clever if the Italians wind up with very significant Libyan oil contracts.

Nur al-Cubicle

But wait a minute...If Aznar got Carnivore..then Berlusconi got Bush to lift sanctions on Libya! Coalition of the bribed, indeed! Now what did Tony get? Hmmm.


Is the Sha'alan in your post the same as this one?

Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim Shalan al-Khuza'i



Sorry, I've been away. Here's one interview:


And here's another one:
QUESTION: Secretary Armitage, let me move to Libya. And here, people are -- some analysts consider that a lesson from the Iraq war for the U.S. is that no longer talking about regime change with Iran or Libya or even Syria. They are talking about behavior change, and that is the case of Libya, and mainly because of the -- what they was faced in Iraq that did not expect before?

DEPUTY SECRETARY ARMITAGE: No. First of all, Mr. Qadhafi made up his own mind to change the direction of Libya, based on a number of factors, and it wasn't simply the fact that the coalition had come to war in Iraq. It was more complicated than that, though, certainly, I don't think the fact that we were willing to go to war in Iraq was lost on the leadership of Libya.

We have never said that "one size fits all," and regime change was not necessarily our policy. Had Saddam Hussein simply lived up to the requirements of the UN Security Council resolutions, had he done that, he would still be in Baghdad.

So sometimes, you have to take a bold leadership role, as we did in Iraq. Other times, you can work diplomatically, as we're doing in North Korea, as we did with Libya, alongside our UK allies.

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