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October 29, 2004



I'm no expert on Egypt, but I was there on a tour in late November and early December 2000.

At the time the recount was on and all the Egyptians that came in contact with us were curious and quite knowledgable about what was going on after our election. They were, to a woman, pro Bush. The tour group (a small and more, uhm, adventurous lot than most tours going there) were mostly pro Kerry.

The Egyptians were very excited about Bush because of his father. They were sure he'd be just like Dad. When we tried to say we really diddn't think that was true, they poo-poo'd us.

This seemed, perhaps, a cultural thing, where sons were seen as carrying on the father's work.

I wish I were there now to see what those same folks think about Bush now.

These surveys seem to tell me something, but its always different talking to real people.


Er, make that pro Gore in 2000. You can see where my mind is these days....


Abu, perhaps you have heard of this BBC2 3-part series on rise of the "Straussians" and al quaeda entitled, The Power of Nightmares? It is a shocking film. The question is, don't BBC2 and Mr. Blair talk?

I'm told BBC2 wants to get the word out...there is a peer-to-peer client called BitTorrent which may be used to download the series from supernova.com (uk).

The series is so chock full of real-life archvillians you get the impression Ian Fleming has a conventional imagination. PoN also features images from the trials of Sayyid Qutb and Ayman Al-Zawahiri.


I live in Cairo, and my landlord, a Copt, loves Bush. We had a heated conversation about it a few months ago. He believes there was a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda as well.

I don't know how widespread this view is among Egyptian Christians, but those Copts who feel vulnerable or put-upon within Egyptian society might like Bush's aggressiveness toward Middle East Muslim countries.

J'raxis 270145

“I want him to ruin the US by applying his stupid policies.”

This is pretty much why I support Bush (not as if I would actually vote for him—I see no point in participating in the election charade, but I at least mildly hope he wins). Bush is the best damned thing to happen to America, for those opposed to American power and its hegemony over the world—in four short years, he has utterly destroyed the alliances with Europe, alliances built and maintained since WWII, that America relied on in order to force its will upon the world. He has made the whole world hate the US and recognize it for what it is, he has trashed NATO, he has caused the EU to fast track plans to establish its own military, he has distracted himself with Iraq while Iran and North Korea build nuclear weapons, and he has virtually bankrupt the American state with his insane spending policies.

Kerry would resurrect the systems and apparatus that allow America to get away with its imperialism. Kerry is as much of a warmonger as Bush, as much as any American president; he’s just a better salesman, a better liar—if Kerry were to win, we can expect just as much death and destruction as Bush, but cleverly hidden under the guise of internationalism or “humanitarian interventions” like it was under Clinton (let’s not forget that Clinton had the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Somalia, the bombing of Afghanistan, the bombing of a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan, and worst of all he presided over the Iraq blockade that is estimated to have killed over a million people).

Bush, on the other hand, has set America on a collision course with history, and when he’s finished destroying the whole thing in order to “save” it, perhaps the world will emerge as a better place.

[P.S.: I’m not Egyptian, or even Arab; I happen to be American—an American who recognized long ago what a miserable system we have here and who has been long awaiting it to collapse. With our previous leaders I thought it would never happen. With Bush …I’m not so sure.]

— J’raxis 270145

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