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October 21, 2004


Nur al-Cubiclee

You're right...it cuts like a knife. Bush's goose is cooked in the swing states when then they see it.


I gather that you live in PA, granted in the Philly/South Jersey media market. Penn is a swing state, but you have to get to the large swath of Republican Pennsyl-tucky, and hopefully this will get them thinking.



For the sake of those of us with shaky dial-up and few plug-ins, can someone describe the ad?

the aardvark

From MoveOn: "It seizes on outrageous footage of President Bush joking about not being able to find the WMDs in Iraq, with a slide showing him looking under tables in the Oval Office. “My brother died in Baghdad on April 29th,” Brooke Campbell says in the spot. “I watched President Bush make a joke, looking around for weapons of mass destruction. My brother died looking for weapons of mass destruction.”"

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