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October 08, 2004



Just curious - why was Bush's timber line his best, when it was deceptive, dismissive, and disrespectful?

http://www.factcheck.org/[email protected]=265

I put this line on a par with Cheney's "I've never met you before tonight" - a very minor issue, but a blatant lie that is tellingly representative of the Bush campaign of deception.


Dred Scott = Roe vs. Wade in wingerland.

the aardvark

E-mart: oh, certainly all of those things.. but my sense was that most people don't go to factcheck.com, Kerry's reference to the timber company kind of came out of nowhere, and Bush's response was actually kind of funny. But I seem to be a minority on that.


I agree with the aardvark that the lumber thing came out of nowhere. It's hard to introduce a totally new issue in a debate (especially one that seems so unrelated to anything). I also was disappointed that Kerry didn't smash Bush on the 3 mistakes question (which he clearly did not even come close to answering). My favorite line from Bush: "I guess you could say I'm a good steward of the land." HAH! Amazing.

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