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September 09, 2004



"he affirmed the necessity of resisting the American occupation in Iraq."

What does he mean by that, though? Resist us with spitballs?

Donald Johnson

You know, this is another reason for you to identify yourself. I've been thinking of writing the NYT a complaint about their Qaradawi story, but am not sure I want to, given that I'd have to give as my source an anonymous blogger named Abu Aardvark.

Though maybe you might want to consider typing up a standard letter and sending it off to various news organizations with your evidence attached.

Abu Frank

I found this AFP report interesting:

'"Every single American who is in Iraq is an invader who must be fought," Sheikh Yussef al-Qaradawi was quoting as saying by his office director Essam Talima.

Talima said Qaradawi, a Sunni Muslim regarded as a moderate, meant both US military and civilians, but he noted that the sheikh had used the word fight and not kill in his decree.'


Maybe the story was a beat-up right from the start.

It would be good to have an English translation not just paraphrase of the highlights of the Arabic-language Jazeera article you referred to at the beginning of your post. Also, any elucidation of "fight" in "fight not kill" if that statement is available in the original Arabic.


OK, this appears to be the bumper-sticker version:

"If there are US civilians in Iraq, they are treated in accordance with the Islamic tenets which stipulate the killing of civilians is forbidden, but those who fight the Iraqis must be killed as they are invaders."

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