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September 01, 2004


who you


Congratulations! How did you do all that in just a mere 3 months! Is there a how-to book coming soon?

Very impressive! You must tell us the secrets of super productive father of ardvark.

Question is the father of an ardvark also an ardvark?

the aardvark

"Is the father of an aardvark also an aardvark?"

Interesting question! I do sign my posts as "the aardvark", so I suppose the answer is yes. But it's more complicated than that. In Dave Sim's Cerebus, from which the whole aardvark thing springs, being an aardvark does not run in the family. Cerebus the Aardvark's parents were just normal people, Cirin had a son who was a normal human. Right at the end of the "Mothers and Daughters" storyline, there's the idea that Cerebus and Cirin - two aardvarks - might be able to produce an aardvark child, or that Cerebus (an hermaphrodite) might, via artificial insemination, be able to produce an aardvark child. But neither theory was ever tested, so we'll never know.

Probably more than you needed to know!


Good job, I look forward to reading the book and the other pieces too.

Have a great time on vacation.

Sadly, my university is already 8 days into the new semester.

Scott Martens

Enjoy. I just finished my research project too. 104 pages, in Dutch. Of course, I'm a month behind the deadline.

Jonathan Edelstein

I've got two articles still half-done, and no kids to use as an excuse. Congratulations, Aardvark.

Posts for Truth

Does it have anything about Bush being gay?

Kitty Kelly Bush Book Rumors


Shaula Evans

Congratulations. I look forward to reading about the release.

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