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September 30, 2004



He probably stammered because in his mind, they are all the same. It was interesting that Fox, who were running the cameras, showed shots of Kerry speaking with Bush in the background looking skeptical--shades of Al Gore rolling his eyes. Even some dyed-in-the wool local Republicans were embarrassed by Bush's performance.

Jonathan Edelstein

The _New York Post_ called the debate a Kerry win, so you know he did well.

Anne Istanbuli

The most noticeable omission was, in my opinion anyway, not simply almost no mention of the Islamic world, but not one reference to Palestine and Israel. NOT ONE!! It is as though the issue doesn't even exist.

Ah well, perhaps another day...

Nur al-Cubicle

There was a question over at Le Monde in a chat with Washington reporter Patrick Jarreau asking why Israel-Palestine was not mentioned. Here's his answer:

"It's not surprising that it wasn't mentioned because Americans are mostly worried about terrorism and the war in Iraq. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a secondary concern. It was brought up only fleetingly when Bush and Kerry said that the stabilization of Iraq would contribute, among other things, to the security of Israel."

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