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August 25, 2004


Dave Schuler

Your link appears to be broken.


More on Najaf from "Salam Pax" at http://justzipit.blogspot.com


How many people know that the Mahdi army looted the treasury in the Imam Ali Shrine? How many people know that Al Jazeera did not show the portion that the spokesman of Al Sadr was hitted by dozens of shoes and slippers thrown by mad Iraqis at the site when the spokesman left the Imam Ali Shrine? How many people know that some members of the Mahdi Army are composed of Iranians and Wahabi Muslims? How many people know that there were beer cans and left over of drugs left on the ground where the Mahdi Army was occupying near the shrine? Why does Al Jazeera not tell about these news? Why does some of the Iraqis feel Al Jazeera untrustful these days excluding the radical Sunni Iraqis?

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