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August 24, 2004



My prediction: McCain make the surprise announcement that he really was brainwashed by the North Vietnamese, and that his adopted daughter from Bangladesh really is his illegitimate child from a black prostitute, and he will apologise to George W. Bush and ask Kerry to come clean about faking his medals.

Shaula Evans

McCain has good reason to be boiling mad. I did a little digging into his history with Bush (here: http://www.bopnews.com/archives/001350.html#1350) and while I knew some of it, the extent of the abuse Bush heaped on him 4 years ago, using the same tactics, was amazing.

McCain is enough of a professional and a careerist that I would expect him to stay on script at the convention. If they pull him, I will suspect it is because he is a more sympathetic and popular figure than Bush, and they want to keep McCain away from national spotlight so the Neocons can handpick their next Manchurian Candidate in 2008.

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