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August 17, 2004



This is why John Kerry should volunteer to lead a group of carefully selected special ops to Pakistan to capture bin Laden.

A posse!

You know, a team of quirky characters kind of like those guys in "The Dirty Dozen" or that bad asteroid movie (was that a Bruce Willis flick?).


That is an amazing idea. Kerry plays the hardened veteran who has distaste for war but is pure gold when times get tough. Edwards is the talented young guy with a sweet face and no experience with war. Dean is the hot-head. This script writes itself. Also, if we are going with the Bruce Willis asteroid movie (which I never actually saw), Kucinich definitely needs to play the Steve Buscemi character. Am I right or am I right?

Norm in S. F.

The capture of Bin Laden in late October will be our version of the Reichstag fire.


I never actually saw the entire asteroid movie either...but I did see too much of it once while shopping in Circuit City.

I hadn't even thought of the other Dems...

paper tigress

Why do we need a posse if we got us them bounty hunters?

In 20 years OBL will melt out of a Hindu Kush glacier, when Old Europe unveils the Greater Americas Initiative.

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