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August 23, 2004


Jonathan Dresner

I don't think the Bush administration actually has its 'chips' that strongly on Allawi, or else they'd be working harder to back his plays. I think that, after the Chalabi debacle, they're playing it closer to the vest (I'm up to three gaming metaphors in two sentences.... see what you started?) and even if the transitional government collapses, Bush can just say 'look, the anti-war folks forced us to move too quickly' (Ignoring the fact that they've been ignoring their critics entirely for years; we're convenient scapegoats, even though lots of us have been advocating really substantial upgrades to our Iraqi development project instead of withdrawal) and shift more resources to protecting and developing the oil resources.

paper tigress

Bush has phoned Putin in Moscow and had summoned Rummy, Wuffy and Condy to the ranch.

After reading historian D. Kaiser's book 'American Tragedy', if DoD behave the anything like the way they did in Viet-Nam, we're looking at a lot of skullduggery, deception, death and destruction. Bush is going to stand at the roulette table until the house closes his account and the bouncers deposit him on the sidewalk.

J Thomas


Here's a blogger claiming that the new iraqi TV station interviewed Lateef who claimed Allawi isn't threatening to resign.

Make of it what you will.

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