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August 28, 2004



i wonder if there is a (deliberate) confusion between two types of audience statistics.

the first type is a weekly cumulative statistic in answer to a question such as: did you listen to this station for one or more minutes in the past 7 days? in US television, you may get numbers such as ABC 99%, CBS 99%, NBC 99%, Fox 97%, PBS 70%, etc. the cume statistic cannot be used to get shares because they clearly sum up to more than 100%.

the second type is an audience rating statistics in answer to a question such as: how many minutes did you spend listening to this station in the past 7 days? when you tally up the minutes to all the stations, you can get a share which sums up to 100%. Thus, in US television, you may get ABC 20%, CBS 15%, NBC 25%, Fox 15%, PBS 2%, etc, which is very different from the picture from the cumes.

Here it is obvious that the ORI number of 61% for Alhurra is clearly a cume number (since Al Jazeera must be higher and their sum would be more than 100%).the question is: what are their shares with respect to minutes spent listening?I suspect that is where Alhurra falls through the floor.

the aardvark

That's as clear an explanation as I've seen - far more lucid than mine - thanks!

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