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July 13, 2004



I haven't done any scientific surveys or anything, but I thought I'd add that here in Bahrain I am yet to come across a television showing Al-Hurra. Not in a home, a cafe, an office cafeteria, a TV show room, or anywhere.

It really must be one of the most useless channels in my cable box. They seem to love showing obscure subtitled American TV shows that have no relevance to the Arab public.

They might do better if they took the lead from Radio Sawa and started showing Friends, Buffy, Simpsons, Jerry Springer, (or some Arabic reality TV shows) etc.... the things about America that all Arabs enjoy.

Anna in Cairo

They tried to do an Arab reality show (an Arab version of Big Brother) broadcast from MBC 2 in Bahrain; it was protested down. Arabs think Reality Shows are disgusting and perverted. I think if Al Hurra wants to make itself even more of an American government tool then let it do reality shows and knock itself out.

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