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July 23, 2004



"in Egypt -- an important ally in the region -- nearly 100 percent of the population now holds an unfavorable opinion of the country."

Great. Now where am I going to find a fake Canadian passport?

Brian Ulrich

Do you know if this was limited to citizens, or did they interview foreign workers in the Gulf states?

No Preference

The 911 commission report says that the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the planner of the attacks, revealed that he was was motivated primarily by resentment of US support for Israel. Kudos to the LA Times for reporting this very significant fact, which was unmentioned by the Washington Post and NY Times.

This news is important, particularly read in conjunction with the recent poll findings about Arab attitudes towards the US. It undercuts one of the centerpieces of the US reaction to 911, which was that nothing the US did contributed to the motive for the attack, but that we were attacked for our values, love of democracy, etc.

There should be serious discussions going on among our political leaders amd major media about the implications of these items, and the recent World Court and UN votes that showed how isolated US Middle East policy is in the world, not just among Arabs.

Not only has there been no discussion by our politicians or the major media, but it hasn't even been mentioned by the major liberal bloggers, such as Political Animal, Atrios, and DailyKos. Posters on those blogs discuss the effect of US policies, and the reasons behind those policies, but the owners of the blogs shy away from the topic.

It seems that the closer one gets to power, the less willing one is to honestly discuss or even mention obvious realities. To me, this bodes very ill for the "war on terrorism", or whatever it is that we are engaged in.

Anna in Cairo

An unfavorable opinion of the country does not translate to nastiness against its citizens. I have not ever been on the receiving end of hostility towards America -- all Egyptians who find out where I am from just ask me what the deal is with policies they don't like, expecting me to give them some context, but they certainly are not rude, nasty or mean to me because of my being American. Egyptians, like most other people on the planet (apparently besides Americans), know that governments are different than individuals.


The AAI poll is up now on their site on PDF form here: http://www.aaiusa.org/PDF/Impressions_of_America04.pdf - if you do a google search of "Impressions of America" on the AAI site you can look at it in HTML.

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