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June 10, 2004


paper tigress

Didn't Dubya complain in February 2003 that 1 million New Yorkers protesting against the war were merely a focus group? And now Wolfowitz is saying that the opinions of a pair of Iraqi bloggers reflect popular sentiment there? A decrease in 5 orders of magnitude?

paper tigress

Erm, waitress, make that 6 orders, please.


As much as I like reading blogs, I see a serious problem with anyone taking what someone says on blogs seriously (no offense meant, but it's true). There are all sorts of blogs out there! Many belong to absolute lunatic fringe! (but if it's any consolation, few, if any, of these loony blogs are authored by aardvarks). If one could selectively use blogosphere as a basis for one's argument, you could presumably find support for anything!

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