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June 15, 2004


War Department

One of the very, very few outright examples I've seen so far of any distinction between pro-war "us" and anti-war "them" is this NRO article from around February 2004 : http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=37043

I found this while googling for "Scott Ritter" + Vindicated, which turns up a quite disturbingly low number of hits [588]. If you search for "Scott Ritter vindicated" you turn up a grand total of .. two. The smears about this man - surely one of the most direct descendants of Smedley Butler-esque "tell it like it is" style marine-ism - massively outnumber the reports of his complete and total vindication. For example, references to "scott ritter" + arrest - refering to his sealed court records - still turns up 11,600+ hits. Unfortunately for Mr. Ritter I think historys' view of him has already been written.

As nice as it would be to watch the pro-warbots choke on their crow pies, I think we're unlikely to see much more of it than we have already. To expect any of the clown-squad to take responsibility for their words and actions assumes far too much about their respect for honour or just stating the plain truth - if they'd had any regard for these in the first place, they wouldn't have written or said the things they did in the first place, now, would they?

Many thanks for your excellent blog - I wish the work you're doing here was more widely known of.

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