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June 10, 2004


Dave L

Great stuff - but what about "step up to the template"? Odd formulation, unless he's making a deliberate pitch to sympathetic baseball fans. (A lesser Hashemite might have blundered and said something about "hitting it for six".)

the aardvark

Yes, I think the Prince wanted to use a ten dollar word, because he does like to look smart. You won't catch Abdullah making that kind of mistake. Of course, Rania - most beautiful of queens - was just made an honorary officer in the armed forces. Even Eva Peron didn't get that, did she?

paper tigress

BTW, it's not GMEI any more. It's now Partnership for a Common Future in the Middle East and North Africa, except for Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Saudi Arabia [heh].

Jonathan Edelstein

Wouldn't an actual democrat - not an almost king - have been a mite more... representative?

This isn't necessarily a contradiction in terms, and Prince Hassan seems to have reasonably democratic sensibilities.

Jonathan Edelstein

And just out of curiosity, will there be any photos of Queen Rania in uniform?

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