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June 18, 2004



Try as they may, they're never going to give the UNSCOM story "legs". Americans care about our soldiers being killed and maimed abroad, they could care less about crooked international bureaucrats.

This is more of the "Well Saddam was worse" explanation that the administration gave after the Abu G. pics were made public.

No Preference

One of the many less than charming aspects of even today's new, supposedly more critical news coverage is how reporters parrot the CPA's line "We are completely shocked, shocked at how Saddam neglected (the electrical grid, the hospitals, the universities, et al)". Never mentioned is the fact that the draconian sanctions were almost entirely responsible for the terrible deterioration in those services. There were articles at the time about how, for example, Iraqi universities were unraveling because they could not buy books, periodicals, computers, light bulbs, etc due the sanctions.

The US was responsible for the severity of those sanctions. For an overview, see this page about US participation in the UN 661 Committee, which oversaw the sanctions.

When are we going to stop patting ourselves on the back and lying to ourselves? When are those who are supposed to tell us the truth going to stop lying to us?

No Preference

Oops. My html did not make it to this page. The link with the info on US influence on the UN 661 sanctions committee is here:


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