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June 18, 2004


paper tigress

Like Edward Said used to say, the Arabs are endlessly challenged and are expected to justify, prove, and document, over and over and over and....

BTW There's a pretty good editorial up at Al-Ahram (weekly in English) on Sea Island and the GMEI here:


I saw that piece on Larry King, a show I watch infrequently, back in 2001 and I still remember it -- Judith Miller really is that obnoxious. But she came in very well prepared and whipped Dana Sayegh's ass. Sayegh looked sweet and ill-prepared, and Al-Jazeera looked very very bad.

Later, I figured that was what King wanted. In US tv chat-shows, if the host disagrees with a guest, he usually carefully selects another guest who will express those disagreement.

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